Day Service

‘Premium’ Service

For many types of straight forward application (for extensions of stay, ‘switching’ and settlement) the Home Office, Visas and Immigration, offers a same day ‘premium’ service allowing applications to be made in person at one of its 7 public enquiry offices situated in Belfast, Cardiff, Croydon, Glasgow, Liverpool, Sheffield and Solihull (Birmingham). The ‘premium’ service is available for most applications.

Third Party Representatives’ Same-day Service

If you wish to use the same day premium service but are unable to attend the public enquiry office in person you can instruct us to submit the application on your behalf. UKCN Immigration Consultancy are registered with the Home Office, Visas and Immigration, to use its third-party representatives' same-day service which enables us to submit cases on behalf of our clients on specific designated days or by appointment.

As with the ‘premium’ service, the public enquiry offices will only deal with straightforward applications which do not require further enquiries.

We will offer the third-party representatives' same-day service to you if appropriate.

Document Check

The Documents Checking Service visa application process can be a challenging for anyone not completely up to date with the current immigration legislation. At UKCN Immigration Consultancy, it’s our business to know and be fully aware of constantly changing legal requirements in order to secure the approval of our clients’ Documents Checking Service visa.

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